As a manufacturer, we offer bolts, nuts, and washers that are indispensable in the production of furniture and renovation works. We prioritize the quality of our products, which is why our bolts and nuts guarantee the safety and durability of connections. We fulfill standard orders for bolts, nuts, and washers, as well as special orders, taking into account specific customer expectations. Our solutions are used by various industries, including construction, furniture, and electrical engineering.

Bolts, Nuts, Washers

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  1. DIN 125
    GOST 11379-68
    ISO 7089
    ISO 7091
    PN-M 82005
  2. DIN 933
    GOST 7798-70
    ISO 4017
    PN-M 82105
  3. DIN 934
    ~ISO 4032
    PN-M 82144
  4. DIN 440
    ISO 7094
    PN-M 82019
  5. DIN 6334~
    PN-M 82157
  6. DIN 931
    GOST 7798-70
    ISO 4014
    PN-M 82101
  7. DIN 9021
    ISO 7093
    PN-M 82030
  8. DIN 439
    ISO 4035
    PN-M 82153
  9. DIN 127B
    GOST 11379-68
    PN-M 82008
  10. DIN 985
    DIN 982
    ISO 7040
    ISO 10511
    PN-M 82175
  11. DIN 6797J
    DIN 6798J
    PN-M 82023
  12. DIN 6923
    ISO 1661
    PN-M 82168
  13. DIN 912
    GOST 11738-84
    ISO 4762
    PN-M 82302
  14. DIN 6798A
    DIN 6797A
    PN-M 82024
  15. DIN 6923~
    ~ISO 1661
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A wide selection of bolts, nuts, and washers

Marcopol is an experienced manufacturer of fastenerswe have been on the market since 1985, which allowed us not only to develop high production standards but to learn how to respond to customer needs. This is one of the reasons why we have such an extensive catalog, which includes bolts, nuts, washers and many other products indispensable in various industries. These products comply with DIN standards (incl. 931 and 933) in various classes of mechanical properties, so customers can be sure that they will find bolt nuts that meet the standard they are looking for.

Why should you trust us when choosing bolts and nuts?

We are a leading European manufacturer and supplier of products such as bolts, washers, and nuts. We offer standardized bolts with various technical parameters at the same time taking care of the quality and professionalism of the provided service. In addition, we can promise stock availability and competitive prices for bolt washers, screws and bolts with metric thread and nuts. Thanks to this, customers know that they can establish long-term cooperation with Marcopol, count on efficient service and constant access to DIN 931, 933 bolts as well as other products from our catalog.

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