Choose washers for screws that will be useful during various renovation and construction works. As a leading manufacturer of fasteners, we offer professional bolts, nuts, and washers – used for all kinds of construction and assembly works. Marcopol company offers, among others, metal, steel, and EPDM washers for bolts and screws.

14 Washers

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  1. DIN 125
    GOST 11379-68
    ISO 7089
    ISO 7091
    PN-M 82005
  2. DIN 440
    ISO 7094
    PN-M 82019
  3. DIN 9021
    ISO 7093
    PN-M 82030
  4. DIN 127B
    GOST 11379-68
    PN-M 82008
  5. DIN 6797J
    DIN 6798J
    PN-M 82023
  6. DIN 6798A
    DIN 6797A
    PN-M 82024
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Bolt washers – a wide range of products

Marcopol is a valued supplier of bolted connections that meet the individual needs of each client. The bolt washers available in the store are made in accordance with DIN standards. We are well aware of the different needs of our customers, which is why we offer bolt washers with a wide range of applications and different designs. The extensive range of the store consists of steel bolt washers, including:

  • plain washers and washers for wooden structures,

  • spring washers,

  • self-locking washers,

  • Belleville washers,

  • roofing washers.

The offer consists of many other products, including washers made of stainless steel providing corrosion protection and EPDM washers.

Marcopol – bolt washers from a trusted supplier

The Marcopol assortment includes a wide selection of fasteners and toolsthat will effectively facilitate renovation and construction work – we have the most extensive choice on the market. We offer only bolt washers in accordance with DIN 125, DIN 440, DIN 9021. We have spring washers in a wide range of execution as well. Metric bolts, rubber washers, round, square or serrated ones – each of our clients will find a product tailored to their needs. We guarantee professional and efficient service as well as proven solutions. What customers appreciate is also the affordable price of bolt washers. Feel free to contact us!

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