Thanks to our own production facilities and machinery, we produce high-quality wood screws. We have control over every stage of production, additionally, we conduct tests of the functional properties of our screws, that ensure our products are durable. As a manufacturer of fasteners, we focus on an end-to-end service, which is why our customers can also count on the packaging of goods or sets in accordance with individual guidelines. Hence, when ordering our wood screws, our clients save time and money.

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Various variants of wood screws

The most common wood screws are countersunk and washer head construction screws. The former are used in connections where it is important to align the screw head with the surface of the tightened element. These types of wood screws will be perfect wherever finishing layers are mounted to the walls. Wood screws with a washer head have a much better load capacity for the head pull up and we choose them for places where the screws are out of sight and obtaining a flat surface is not necessary.

As a leading European manufacturer, we have an extensive range of products, which enables the completion of individual orders and ordering fasteners from one supplier. The offer includes, among others, wood screws:

  • hex head screws,

  • partially threaded,

  • with a washer head with a socket,

  • with a cheese head,

  • distance screws with countersunk head,

  • for deck installation.

Hex head wood screws are most often used to mount structures such as pergolas and gazebos. The connection will be tighter thanks to the wood screws with a washer head. In case of doubt about which product to choose, we provide technical support to avoid a wrong order.

Stainless wood screws

Stainless A2 steel wood screws are becoming more popular as they show very high corrosion resistance even in conditions of high salinity. A2 steel is a high-alloy material with increased chromium content. Perfectly balanced proportions of chromium and carbon give the alloy specific properties that increase its corrosion resistance, even in direct contact with water. Chromium in combination with oxygen creates a delicate coating that is responsible for extending the life of stainless wood screws.

Marcopol stands for a wide selection of screws and furniture connectors

We advise our clients on the best solutions, to allow them to achieve their business goals with our screws and furniture connectors. Due to the fact that we have our own production facilities and machinery, we are an ideal partner for long-term cooperation. As part of our services, we offer not only standard carpentry screws for wood, sheet metal screws, or self-tapping screws, but we also carry out individual orders. Thus, we respond to the real needs of our clients.

Do you need more information on TORX wood screws or other Marcopol products? Contact us - we ensure that contact with our customer service is smooth and replies to all inquiries are as quick as possible.

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