As a manufacturer of fasteners, we supply nuts for bolts to, among others, automotive, furniture and electrotechnical industries. We offer competitive prices, making long-term cooperation with us a worthwhile proposition, especially because we make sure to provide availability of our stock. We offer bolt nuts with various technical parameters, including hexagonal nuts and cap nuts, coupling nuts, or wing nuts. We fill non-standard orders as well.

15 Nuts

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  1. DIN 934
    ~ISO 4032
    PN-M 82144
  2. DIN 6334~
    PN-M 82157
  3. DIN 439
    ISO 4035
    PN-M 82153
  4. DIN 985
    DIN 982
    ISO 7040
    ISO 10511
    PN-M 82175
  5. DIN 6923
    ISO 1661
    PN-M 82168
  6. DIN 6923~
    ~ISO 1661
  7. DIN 1587
    PN-M 82181
  8. DIN 315~
    GOST 3032-76
    PN-M 82439
  9. DIN 928
  10. DIN 929
    PN 82169
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Bolt nuts from a leading manufacturer

Our offer includes DIN 934 nuts as well as self-locking DIN 985 nuts, which enable precision fixing and joining. We have been on the market since 1985, which allowed us to develop high production standards, optimize a number of processes in the company and maintain competitive prices for nuts and other fasteners. Our priority is high quality and warehouse availability, which gained us the trust of many customers over the years. The offer includes:

  • hex nuts,

  • hex coupler nuts,

  • self-locking hex nuts with a polyamide insert,

  • self-locking hex flange nuts,

  • extended nuts,

  • Ericson nuts with round head.

Why is it worth ordering bolt nuts from Marcopol?

We provide professional bolts, nuts, and washers to entrepreneurs from multiple industries, such as construction, furniture, electrotechnical, and many others. Many years of experience make our offer for standard and non-standard nuts perfectly reflect the needs of the market. Apart from nuts with various DIN standards, the assortment includes bolt washers and screws with metric thread. We provide professional advice and offer clients the best solutions in their industry, which has made us their trusted supplier for years.

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