We offer set screws, which are commonly used in the furniture industry, as well as broadly understood manufacturing and automotive industries. Marcopol is a manufacturer of fasteners that allows the user to obtain solid connections, which gained us the trust of customers all over Poland and beyond for years. The wide range of our offerings includes set screws with flat and cone points in various sizes and types of coating - on our website you can find detailed information on each of the products, which will make it easier to choose a suitable screw.

12 Hex socket set screws

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  1. DIN 913
    ISO 4026
    PN-M 82314
  2. DIN 914
    ISO 4027
    PN-M 82315
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Set screws tailored to the needs of the industry

Our product catalog includes furniture screws and connectors, which are used by the furniture industry as well as other industries. The following set screws are available:

  • with a flat point,

  • with a cone point.

Both DIN 913 set screws and DIN 914 set screws are available in the product catalog. In our store, you can purchase not only M3, M4, and M5 set screw, but also the M6 and M8 types. These are standard products available in the catalog, however, as the manufacturer, we are also able to fill special orders.

Marcopol's offer includes more than just DIN 913 and 914 set screws

Apart from set screws, you can also purchase self-forming screws and self-tapping screws that allow you to make even unusual and complex connections. Due to the fact that we have a very wide offer, customers can establish long-term cooperation with us and order the necessary fasteners on an ongoing basis. As a manufacturer, we are able to maintain competitive prices and offer tailored solutions - which also applies to set screws with an Allen cap.

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