A proven supplier of fasteners means great convenience for every company, right? We offer sheet metal screws that undergo regular quality controls and are available at competitive prices. As a manufacturer of fasteners, we are able to offer our customers favorable purchase conditions, which is more difficult in the case of intermediaries selling sheet metal screws. We also take care of warehouse availability, which ensures that the trapezoidal sheet screws are available immediately after purchase.

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A wide selection of sheet metal screws

We offer roofing screws in various variants, which allows you to easily turn the order around. Marcopol's range includes self-drilling sheet metal screws with a head:

  • hexagonal washer,

  • oval washer,

  • cone,

  • cone for PVC fastening,

  • cheese head.

In case of doubts which trapezoidal sheet screws to choose, we provide professional advice - we have been working with elements of this type since 1985, and Marcopol employees are qualified specialists willing to share their knowledge. That is why our clients can be sure that the order will meet their needs.

Complex service of orders for screws for metal sheets

We are a manufacturer that not only creates self-tapping sheet metal screws but also takes care of their efficient and safe delivery. Do you need a small bulk breaking or individual packaging for self-drilling sheet metal screws? We have our own packaging facility, which can be used by companies that, for various reasons, do not want to waste time on self-packaging of screws for metal roof tiles. It is also a financial saving that will be appreciated by anyone who manages the company's budget for screws and furniture connectors.

Fasteners at a competitive price

We have an extensive product catalog, which includes, among others:

We conduct tests of the functional properties of the fasteners we produce. Thanks to this, customers can be sure that we carry out regular quality checks, and at the same time, we are able to provide competitive prices for screws for thin sheets.

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