The power of experience

Marcopol is a leading European manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of screws and bolts and a distributor of the widest offer of fasteners, construction chemicals and fastening techniques for many industries.

In addition to its products, the company provides a range of logistics solutions. Marcopol also offers an extensive package of additional services taking into account the specific needs of the Customer, such as labelling, packaging and application of special coatings. We provide services to industrial, investment as well as commercial sectors.

Thanks to advanced control processes Marcopol products meet all quality requirements and have all the required European certificates. Marcopol supports its Customers in optimising their final procurement costs. For 38 years, customer satisfaction has been the company’s main objective. Marcopol is a brand that connects.

About company

Our story
1985 The beginning of business
1990 Establishment of screw production plants
1992 Establishment of an export department
1996 Extension of the production hall and high storage warehouse
2000 Employed over 300 employees
2002 Expansion of the shipping building
2007 Opening of the first foreign branch in Lithuania
2010 Opening of an office in Estonia
2011 Opening of a branch in Kaliningrad, Russia
2012 Establishment of the Titanium Pro brand
2015 Extension of the high-bay warehouse
2016 Implementation of the SSI SCHAFER logistics line
2018 500 employees, 12 sales offices in Poland, export to over 40 countries
2019 Implementation of the WMS PRO Qguar logistics system
2019 New Marcopol logo and new packaging
2019 Market launch of the Marcopol Plus premium line
2019 Establishment of the Praktik brand
2020 Construction Brand of the Year 2020


Own production facilities

In our production process we combine 36 years of experience with modern technologies. We own two production plants: in Chwaszczyno and Kartoszyno. Our production range includes standard and special screws, bolts, pins and rivets.

We can produce even small batches of fasteners and non-standard products in order to meet the expectations of the Customers as much as possible. Our team of specialists provides support in choosing optimal solutions for our Customers. The strength of our production is our speed and flexibility in fulfilling orders.


Modern logistics solutions

One of the most important elements of our company’s development strategy is the introduction of modern logistic solutions and ensuring continuity of supplies.

Comprehensive order processing, fast delivery and safety in transport are our priority.
We have 30,000 products as part of standing offer in our 10,660m2 high storage warehouse with over 31,000 pallet spaces.

Over 80% of our orders reach our Customers in Poland within 24hours. Shipments are made by a parcel and pallet system with double inspection carried out at the exit.


We care about quality and the environment

An important aspect of the company’s strategy is to ensure quality and operate in a sustainable manner, while respecting the legally defined environmental conditions and adhering to the principles of corporate social responsibility.

Application of our standards is confirmed by the Quality Management System that has been implemented since 2002 and is compliant with ISO 9001:2015.

We have an ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System and an ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System as well.


We care about ourselves and others

Since the beginning of our existence, we have been involved in various social campaigns. We help numerous non-profit organisations, foundations, hospitals and hospices.

Marcopol is also a sponsor of numerous cultural events and performances for children in hospitals in the Pomeranian Province. We also provided financial support to the “Summer Stage” of the Municipal Theatre named after Witold Gombrowicz in Gdynia, Orłowo. We sponsor sports events, such as the Amber Run, equestrian competitions and football games. Recently we have adopted Wiki, an elephant from the Zoo in Gdańsk.

We have granted our support to the following foundations and institutions:

  • DKMS
  • Serce Dzieciom na Rzecz Dzieci Pokrzywdzonych przez Los
  • OTOZ Animals Dom dziecka w Bielkówku
  • Serce Dziecku
  • Szpital Morski im. PCK w Gdyni za akcję Mikołajkową
  • Helios – Projekt Na Zdrowie
  • Zdążyć z Pomocą
  • Patmos
  • Pomóż i Ty
  • Wróć – Fundacja Pomocy Dzieciom Poszkodowanym w Wypadkach Komunikacyjnych
  • Fundacja na rzecz Pomocy Dzieciom z Grodzieńszczyzny
  • Fundacja Pomocy Szkołom Polskim na Wschodzie
  • Fundacja Tara – Pierwsze w Polsce schronisko dla koni
  • Dom dziecka w Bielkówku

Our values

Our work is based on jointly developed values

In our everyday work, we are supported not only by our system of values but also by the code of ethics.

Responsibility I work as if I were working to my own benefit.
Relationships I treat everyone with equal respect.
Commitment I demand the most from myself.