About us

Our Brands
Marcopol – high quality fasteners dedicated to many industries, including: automotive, machinery, furniture, household appliances and electromechanical branches. Marcopol products are mainly many types of screws, bolts, nuts for metal and wood in a wide availability of sizes, grades and coatings.
Marcopol Plus – a premium group of products for professional fastening in the construction industry. Marcopol plus products have the highest technical parameters, individual marking of individual products to ensure full traceability, CE marking and a dedicated line of packaging.
TitaniumPRO – a selected group of products necessary for construction and finishing works, guaranteeing a perfect final result. TitaniumPRO’s wide range of products includes construction chemicals, expansion bolts, frame fixings and chemical and mechanical anchors. TitaniumPRO construction products have all legally required certificates allowing their use in the construction industry.
Praktik – a wide range of products required for simple construction and finishing works. You can use Praktik products in your household workshop, in the garden or on a construction site. Praktik products include tools, power tool accessories, fasteners, ropes and chains together with accessories and basic fasteners for everyday DIY jobs.