Technical consulting

Marcopol is a company that cares for its Customers at every stage of order processing. A qualified team of technicians is responsible for ongoing contact and provision of necessary information.

We share our experience because we know how important it is to support the development of our Customers’ businesses and to watch over the safety of their investments.

We offer professional technical advice consisting of:

  • Selection of fasteners depending on design conditions.
  • Selection of standardised fasteners.
  • Provision of information on the load-bearing capacity of joints made using our products.
  • Provision of technical information about products in the form of data sheets, tabular data and test reports.
  • Provision of technical support in the form of field tests of pull-out load capacity of building foundations.
  • Provision of a table of load capacity of typical fasteners of timber constructions elements for design purposes.
  • Provision of calculation software for chemical anchors available from our suppliers.