We are constantly developing our offer of additional services in order to comprehensively meet needs of our Customers

we make sure our products meet the highest quality standards.
We have optical sorting machines thanks to which we can control the quality of each screw, bolt or other fastener in terms of parameters set on the Customer’s request.

  • The use of optical machines in the sorting process guarantees the precision of measurement of each product with an accuracy of 0.01 mm.
  • The entire sorting process is monitored by cameras that reject erroneous pieces – each piece is photographed by an optical camera.
  • We can sort up to 4 parameters simultaneously.
  • After each sorting, the Customer receives a report of correct/defective pieces.

It is not possible to achieve such a result with a standard test carried out on a small, statistical sample of products collected from the entire batch. The use of optical cameras in the sorting process makes it possible to meet even the most demanding product standards.